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Corporate philosophy
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Vision: ChiYu global engineering company.
Core values: a high-quality goods project example.
Company spirit: open, cooperation, realistic, innovation.
Company style: respect, sharing, rigorous and efficient.
Company ethics: ding sincere letter, hold world with virtue.
Service concept: let customer trust forever.
Business philosophy: service to win customers, credit market expansion,
                     Cast quality brand, create the future of science and technology.
Company talent: people are just, attaching importance to.
Company quality: one point one line is about the rise and fall.
Company security concept: everything is safe, all peace.
Company integrity view: don't take shouldn't, don't do not to do.
Company competition concept: to surpass ourselves and to lead forever.
Company crisis view: in time of peace prepare for war, said wei.
Outlook: employees are a company's most valuable resource.
Company environmental concept: cherish the environment, protect the environment, respect for the environment.
Corporate philosophy