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Management advantage:

        Standardization: use standardization control the work procedures and work rules.
        Whole-staff-participation: use a project responsibility and OBS coded whole-staff-participation control.
        Fine: project WBS code, material code is used to implement project refinement control.
        Quantity: "earned value" principle is used to implement quantitative control.
        Dynamic: the "planning, supervision and correction" to realize dynamic control.
        Documented, recorded in a written report project control process.
Technology advantage:


iangsu Wan Yuanmo aircraft engineering co., LTD focus on promotion and explore the construction industry

leading technology at home and abroad, in the deep foundation pit supporting system, the new type template

scaffold system, prestressing system, small water, all kinds of steel bar connection technology, new building

materials used, building energy saving, high performance concrete, mass concrete and concrete accumulated mature

construction experience, and have mastered many high, difficult, high-precision, advanced technology at the core

of the achievements, have accumulated a number of mature construction technology and method, forming a unique

core competitiveness.