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Mobile formwork construction safety measures

Mobile formwork construction safety measures

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Whenconstructingthemovableformwork,theconstructiontechnicalsafetyrulesandsafetyoperationrulesshallbestrictlyimplemented,andthefollowingsafetymattersshallbespeciallynoted: 1.Takemeasuressuchaselectricw
When constructing the movable formwork, the construction technical safety rules and safety operation rules shall be strictly implemented, and the following safety matters shall be specially noted:
1. Take measures such as electric welding and tethering rope to prevent overturning.
2. Strictly implement the safety operation rules for high-altitude operations, slap the seat belts , and set up guardrails around to prevent high-altitude fall accidents.
3. All workers entering the construction site must wear a safety helmet.
4. When moving the formwork, it's necessary to check whether the front and rear support systems are reliable, and whether the formwork moves synchronously or smoothly when moving.