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Standardize the formwork rental market, promote building quality and safety

Standardize the formwork rental market, promote building quality and safety

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In modern building construction, formwork and scaffolding play an important role.
In modern building construction, formwork and scaffolding play an important role. The quality of formwork and scaffolding products is directly related to engineering quality and construction safety. The formwork and scaffolding leasing industry (hereinafter referred to as “the formwork leasing industry”) is an important part of the construction industry and a part of the logistics industry. The progress of the formwork leasing industry has promoted the development of the construction industry and the logistics industry, and has achieved obvious self-efficiency and social benefits. However, in the process of industry development, such problems have also arisen. In this regard, industry experts have called for the need to increase the standardization of management and solve existing problems in order to ensure the continued stable and healthy development of the industry.
Improving the comprehensive level of the formwork leasing industry is fundamental to promoting the healthy development of the industry
Since the reform and opening up of China, with the rapid development of the country, the system reform has gradually advanced, and the rapidly emerging emerging industry has a history of about 30 years.
According to incomplete statistics, as of the end of 2008, the country's formwork leasing companies remained at more than 13,000. Among them, larger companies account for about 20%, and small and medium-sized enterprises account for 80%. The company specializing in leasing accounts for more than 75%, and the enterprises that mainly produce and sell and take care of leasing account for about 20%, and the enterprises integrating design, production, construction and leasing account for about 5%.
However, there are certain problems in the process of rapid development of the industry. Under the guidance of the market, the industry is developing fast, the market demand is large, the entry threshold is low, and a large number of unqualified and backward products have entered the market, causing a certain chaos. The more serious consequence is that the qualified products are not protected. After losing the loss, they once lost confidence in the market. In the wait-and-see, they no longer emphasize quality and standards for purchased products, but use price as the preferred standard.
Qiu Minghua, chairman of the Expert Committee of China Infrastructure Construction Contracting Association, believes that the main reasons for the above phenomena are: under the market economy conditions, the relevant policies and regulations are not formulated in time, lack of supervision, and the simple operation mode and other factors lead to unqualified products in the construction. The market has room for survival. Most small and medium-sized leasing companies manage extensively, repair equipment is poor, and maintenance is not timely. For a long time, steel formwork, steel pipe fastener scaffolding, and supporting spare parts are still the main products. The products are single and of poor quality, which impacts and destroys the market rules. Enterprises can't make scrapped products according to the depreciation period, super standard and super-regular reuse. In special coastal areas, the products are severely corroded and the surface is oxidized and peeled. What is more serious is that some enterprise steel pipes are not even washed with anti-rust paint, and there are serious safety hazards. According to incomplete statistics, in the past few years, in recent years, there have been shocking and many unqualified steel pipe fasteners caused by scaffold collapse accidents. At the same time, the unqualified products can flow into the market, and the driving force for the growth comes from the interest gained by the difference. The main reason for the spread is that the market entry threshold is low, and there is no strict regulatory mechanism to make the qualified products at reasonable prices specific. There is no market under the conditions.
Yun Naijian, general manager of Beijing Liandong Formwork Co., Ltd. proposed that in the process of standardizing the construction market and perfecting the construction system, the formwork leasing industry should quickly respond and make wise choices, speed up the improvement of comprehensive management level, and strive to improve internal strength and grasp Live market opportunities, keep up with the pace of the times, and become a big company on the basis of strengthening.
First, formulate strategic goals for enterprise development, do a good job in enterprise construction, and establish a sound enterprise system. Cultivate compound personnel who understand the operation of technology, pay attention to market information guidance, and meet construction service needs.
Second, the formwork leasing enterprises should stand at the height of the industry and seriously summarize the problems of talent competition, technology competition, product competition, and management competition among enterprises. On this basis, rely on brand and integrity to stabilize the market and realize The long-term development of the company. At present, there are already large enterprises in the industry that have realized enterprise management, management informationization, and rental equipment loading and unloading automation, which has effectively improved the comprehensive level of enterprises and has actually improved the corporate image of the leasing industry.
Third, in today's global integration, the effective combination of resources into the market has more opportunities, higher integrity, and greater overall benefits. From the analysis of the institutional characteristics of the formwork leasing industry, at present, mergers and acquisitions like large state-owned enterprises are impossible, and acquisition opportunities are limited. The more realistic approach is to have loose internal alliances between similar products, the same quality, and the same level of service. The overall market should be the best choice.
Yun Naijian said that in recent years, small and medium-sized construction enterprises have been eliminated more and more. In Beijing alone, on March 12, 2009, the Beijing Construction Committee issued the notice of “Deleting 83 Construction Enterprises in Beijing”. Changes in the construction industry will directly impact the market share of some small and medium-sized leasing companies. Small leasing enterprises must adjust their business strategies in a timely manner, manage them in place, and strictly regulate the operation of enterprises, and seek development on the basis of ensuring survival.
The formulation of the industry standard for formwork leasing is the basic guarantee for the advancement of the industry.
In view of the actual development of the industry, the Timber Conservation Center, the China Infrastructure Materials Contracting Association and the China Formwork Association Leasing Committee are the main editors responsible for formulating the national standards for engineering construction, the technical specifications for the maintenance of rental formwork scaffolding and the industry standard “Template Scaffolding Leasing Enterprise”. Classification specification.
Yu Qiuqiu, executive vice president of the China Infrastructure Construction Contracting Association, said that the formulation of standards is a major event in the development of the industry and an important part of the industry's normative management. Formulate the "Technical Specifications for Maintenance and Maintenance of Rental Template Scaffolding", and clearly define the standards for maintenance, scrapping and storage of templates and scaffolding products. The rental unit has rules to ensure that the leased materials are properly and properly maintained and maintained, which fundamentally improves the quality of the products and prolongs the service life.
On the basis of timely maintenance, sound system, standardized management and quality assurance, the company implements the “Standards for the Classification of Template Scaffolding Leasing Enterprises”, so that industry enterprises can obtain legal and fair levels on a standard and a starting line. Confirmed. Let the market choose enterprises and select products according to different needs, and truly enhance the market reputation and industry integrity of the company. Fair competition is the inevitable development of the times. The formulation of industry standards should be long-awaited by the majority of practitioners.
Yu Qiuqiu said that China's standardization work level is quite different from that of foreign countries. Among the more than 16,000 standards that have existed in the world, China's participation in the compilation of projects only accounts for 0.1% to 0.22%. Standards are an important part of independent innovation, and an important carrier for the transformation of results into commodities. The implementation of standards is the guarantee for the survival of enterprises and the progress of the industry. Particular emphasis is placed on the implementation of standards. With the standard, there is no guarantee that the implementation will be in place, which is equal to no. Therefore, we must work together to increase the implementation of standards, so that operators truly recognize the importance and far-reaching significance of the implementation of standards. In short, the formulation and implementation of standards is the basis for the development and progress of the industry. There is no standard norm in any industry or there is no supervision and management of standards. It is also ineffective and does not meet the purpose of regulating the market.
Yu Qiuqi believes that through the formulation of the above two standards, it will be possible to standardize industry behavior from the source and fundamentally enhance the strength of the enterprise. In the process of implementing and implementing standards, the industry's service level, service quality, and integrity will be substantially improved. In this way, a nationwide template and scaffolding leasing company will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of asset scale, business performance, material quality, management level, etc., and carry out certification rating based on the evaluation results, truly improve the image and social status of the leasing industry and meet the requirements. The purpose of the market and the survival of the fittest. Otherwise, it is difficult for companies to become stronger. There must be resistance in the implementation of standards. The resistance comes from the market environment and economic interests. Individual small enterprises have the habit of fortune, and they still shuffle the market with sub-filling. For this phenomenon, measures should be taken to strengthen management and supervision, and go all out. Implement the implementation of standards to achieve the purpose of regulating the market.